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Who We Are

About Us

After a year of studying the market, John Gargasz founded Aspire Residential to take advantage of a confluence of forces:  

The need to combat climate change

2 The lack of affordable housing in the U.S.

3 The emerging construction tech industry

4 The incentives
accelerating green/affordable
housing economics

John’s combined experience in tech (systems, communications, software, materials & automation) and real estate (development, single family home construction, multifamily owner/operator, General Partner and Limited partner) and early stage companies provides set capabilities to realize the Aspire Residential vision.  


Describe the team + We are in the process of building out the Aspire team.  Check back for updates and career opportunities.

John Gargasz


Ruby Lock


Amber Lazar

Regional Development

Oscar Segel

Management Partners

Our Culture

We hold the following tenets

-   Do well and Do Good

-   Work Hard Play Hard

-   Do what you say - accountability

-   Be transparent & respectful

-   Be curious

-   Work with awesome people

-   Worry every day (Day one, never lose your edge)

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